Liam Troy has an incredible cock and an even more amazing smile. I am a sucker for both and Liam hooked me at first grin. I touch his smooth body and kiss him gently. I love sucking uncut cock and get him nice and hard before he unveils his perfect bubble butt to me. I play with his tight hole and caress his sexy feet. I love hearing Liam giggle as I lick and kiss his toes. I work my way back up to his cock and deep throat his prick down to his balls. He loves making me choke on his thick dick. I think it’s time to teach him a lesson! He turns over to expose his soft ass and sweet hole before I give him a little spank. I taste his hole and I’m hooked! Liam turns his ass towards the sky, allowing me to feast. I lay down on my back and he dunks his cock in my mouth while I play with his ass. Liam Troy sits on my lap, stroking his throbbing dick until he releases his thick load. I clean his cock to perfection. I love sweet guys with even sweeter loads.

Variety is the Spice of Life!


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