Vinnie Stefano is one hell of a sexy man. Swarthy, hairy and muscular. Just everything I love to touch in a man. I slowly take off his clothes and worship his trim, muscular body. Soon I’m licking his pits and kissing his chest. I show off his butt before I attack his thick cock. Vinnie quickly gets a stiffy. After blowing him on the couch I make him kneel and I lick his hairy hole, balls and cock. I play with him a bit as we stand, his naked, hard body close to mine. I get on the couch and Vinnie straddles me, pounding my mouth with his rod. On his back again I suck and stroke Vinnie Stefano’s dick until he shoots his load on his hairy abs. I lap up his cream before we say goodbye, Vinnie with a big smile on his face

Variety is the Spice of Life!

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