It’s breeding season at Stag Homme with the premiere of a new bareback release, When Stags Breed. As these provocative studs demonstrate, sometimes a man needs more than just a hard cock in his hole. Sometimes he needs a hot load, too. Damien Crosse is the common denominator ó the stud for whom the word “creampie” is the incentive for a hard fuck with an exclamation point. He celebrates cum with four partners. Damien’s ass gets seeded first by an anonymous bull who ties him face down to a bed. Then, after sucking another dude on a public bus, Damien finds a guy jacking off at the beach and offers his hole as a receptacle for the dude’s creamy load. Hugo Arenas prefers to jack off privately, but his solo turns into a duo when Damien interrupts him and persuades Hugo to experience jacking off with a cock up his ass. Turns out, despite a broken condom, Hugo likes it, and he turns it into a bareback flip fuck. Handsome and young Sergyo Caruso gets to sample to merchandise when he discovers that Damien is a porn star. All of Sergyo’s orifices take turns getting fucked. Sergyo ends up with cum in his hole and Damien ends up with cum in his mouth. Hot action and cum happens When Stags Breed.

Variety is the Spice of Life!

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