Eastern European hunk Trent Tarzan is recording a brief video tutorial on the pummel horse, normally used in gymnastics. That’s when slender cutie Zac Todd walks in, interrupting the video. But does Trent let that bother him? No! In fact, since the camera is already rolling, Trent decides to teach Zac a thing or two on stretching out his body using the large and sturdy gymnastics tool. However, as the twink is stretched out by the blond hunk, he soon starts to get aroused. And who wouldn’t, with Trent’s expert hands manipulating your body, working out kinks and knots? His hands slipper with oil, Trent caresses and kneads Zac, running his thumbs up and down the twink’s spine before pulling down his little green shorts to expose his sweet, slightly hairy ass. Massaging the pink starburst opening, Trent ends up giving Zac an enormous hard-on! When Zac turns around, we see the twink is beautifully hung and uncut, with shaves pubes, nice balls and tattoos. Trent proceeds to manhandle the über hung twink, giving him a handjob, teasing the head with his lips and tongue, and fingering his hole before eventually milking a huge load out of Zac, which splatters all over Trent’s spectacular, smooth and muscled chest.

Variety is the Spice of Life!

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