There’s no better way to prove youíre a dirty sex pig than feeding your need for cock in public! Thatís just what the ripped, hung and horny exhibitionists of ‘Public Stags’ do to each other. These guys are ready to get naked and blow a load anytime, anywhere! Goran and Flex get it on atop their roof deck, surrounded by windows on all sides. Damien Crosse and Max Toro suck and fuck along the side of the road, with an incredible view of the lush valley below to match the incredible size of their cocks. Robin Sanchez and David Avila spy each other from across their buildingís large roof top, and the anonymous connection leads to an intense pounding for Davidís hungry hole. David gets it again from Damien Crosse at a public Barcelona beach, and they donít hold back when it comes to fulfilling their piggy urges. Filmed in Stag Hommeís signature pro-am style, ‘Public Stags’ puts you right where the action is with the hottest studs from around the globe.

Variety is the Spice of Life!

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