Variety is the Spice of Life!

OOOH YEAH Daddy, our favourite, big, stiff-tooled top Abraham Montenegro and our favourite, overly, eager bottom – Mario Domenech together at last. These guys have been circling each other like sharks, so when we got them together we knew this would be bruisingly intense and yowzer it is. Just imagine sliding your hand down into the warmth of Abraham’s bristling under pants?! This one kicks off straight away – Mario sucks that stiff dick like its his last meal and sexy Abraham is very appreciative of his cock-sluts talents and enthusiasm. After a good session of throat fucking Mario offers his rump in a purely animalistic way, ready for Abraham to invade with anything he pleases, tongue, fingers, or throbbing, raw dick. He gets all three ( though one at a time!) Abraham pile-drives his way right, deep into Mario’s insatiable arse, plunging all the way in and dragging that dripping, raw cock out from its tight, puckered confines, as the pressure of Mario’s sphincter milks  the pre-cum from Abraham’s drooling cock, before the throbbing hot meat is plunged, mercilessly, back in right up to Abraham’s, heavy, cum-filled bollocks.

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