Variety is the Spice of Life!

Super hairy and muscular bound jock Adam Champ is tied to a stool in his briefs and bandana gagged. Unable to get free his tormenters then remove his briefs and tie his hands high above his head to the ceiling. His massive uncut cock is tied to the base of the stool. As he struggles, the tension on his cock and balls gets him super excited and rock hard. The harder he struggles the harder he gets until he can’t take it anymore and blows an impressive load!

BJ0097_Adam_Champ_PG_2891_scene BJ0097_Adam_Champ_PG_2894_scene BJ0097_Adam_Champ_PG_2899_scene BJ0097_Adam_Champ_PG_2907_scene BJ0097_Adam_Champ_PG_2910_scene BJ0097_Adam_Champ_PG_2938_scene BJ0097_Adam_Champ_X_2916_scene BJ0097_Adam_Champ_X_2917_scene BJ0097_Adam_Champ_X_2919_scene BJ0097_Adam_Champ_X_2929_scene BJ0097_Adam_Champ_X_2934_scene BJ0097_Adam_Champ_X_2940_scene BJ0097_Adam_Champ_X_2943_scene BJ0097_Adam_Champ_X_2945_scene


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