Variety is the Spice of Life!

Hungry for something but not sure what, Aiden Storm walks into the kitchen. Marc Angelo is there finishing up the dishes and, curious, asks Aiden what he’s looking for. When Aiden smiles there’s no doubt what he wants! The two waste little time making out but tattooed daddy Marc soon has Aiden on his knees, sucking Marc’s pierced cock. The muscle bear returns the favor then climbs up on the counter and gets on all four, serving up Aiden’s second course. The eager young man buries his face in Marc’s crack, working his tongue in and out of Daddy’s hole, as per his instructions, before Marc then turns it around and devours Aiden’s sweet ass! The two get an amazing rhythm going when Marc sucks Aiden some more, with Aiden fucking Marc’s face before fucking his hairy muscled ass. And that’s the thing about younger guys. They have more stamina and can fuck for hours, which makes Marc a VERY happy Daddy, indeed!

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