We find Alex Bonero and Roco Rita relaxing on the bed when Alex rolls over and presses Roco to put down his phone. Obviously Alex wanted some attention because the moment Roco puts down the phone Alex attacks Rocoís lips with some deep kissing and the shirts come flying off. As these two young studs continue to kiss the each undue the others pants exposing both of their fully excited cocks already sticking out the top. Both Alex and Roco take turns going down on each otherís cock; but, the other really does not need that much stimulation as these guys appear to be all into each other from the start. They excitedly pull off each otherís jeans. Alex crawls on top of Rocoís face and these two go after each otherís cocks in the sixty-nine position until Roco is ready for some penetration. He pulls his legs back and Alex applies some lube to his asshole. Alex lubes up his own cock and with a slow, forceful push he buries his cock deep inside Roco. Once his cock is in and Roco is used to it being there, Alex begins fucking Rock extremely hard; but, apparently Roco is really enjoying it. As Alex fucks his ass, Roco is stroking his cock and it explodes all over his stomach from the excitement and Alex continues to fuck. After Roco himself is spent, he rolls over on the bed and Alex pushes his cock deep into Rocoís ass again and starts fucking him harder than he did before. He pounds so hard and is so excited that he forgets to pull out before he comes and he blows his load deep inside Roco.

Variety is the Spice of Life!


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