Alex Powers and Brock Lucas are on vacation in Provincetown. There must be something about the warm sun and the sound of the surf that gets them horny because after walking the shoreline the couple ends up back in their room, making out. As they walk past Marco Bolt, another vacationer, they cruise one another. Clearly there’s a spark and the beefy muscle bear is soon on his feet. He peers through the window as Alex and Brock start going at it. When the tattooed, furry, and horny couple spot Marco, the game is on! The bearded hunk wastes little time in walking in and presenting a thick, fat, uncut cock. Brock immediately devours the juicy piece of meat but Alex wants some, too. He wraps his lips around the head of Marco’s cock and starts sucking, sharing the Latino cock with his boyfriend. While each has a go at Marco’s throbbing hard-on, Alex and Brock take turns rimming each other. Marco then slips out of bed, drops to his knees, and buries his face in Alex’s meaty ass. Spreading the pink, hungry hole with his tongue and spreading Alex open, Marco works his cock inside Alex and starts pounding. After a while, though, Brock wants to get fucked and gives up his ass for Marco to take. Alex and Marco spit roast Brock, tag teaming his ass. Marco spews a hot load all over Brock’s face, giving him a facial. The couple shares Marco’s load as they kiss before  letting loose with a load of their own, bathing Brock in the sticky juice.

Variety is the Spice of Life!

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