Variety is the Spice of Life!

Angel Cordoba is one of the hottest stars of today’s muscle entertainment. He keeps growing in every sense of that word. He enjoys the fact that he looks good from every angle you look at him. And he uses every part of his delicious rock hard body to make you want it real bad. Angel is not really an angel, but he can make you feel like heaven. Especially if you realize that the little devil is not little at all, hell no!!!

angel_cordoba01 angel_cordoba02 angel_cordoba03 angel_cordoba04 angel_cordoba05 angel_cordoba06 angel_cordoba07 angel_cordoba08 angel_cordoba09 angel_cordoba10 angel_cordoba11 angel_cordoba12 angel_cordoba13 angel_cordoba14 angel_cordoba15 angel_cordoba16

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