Variety is the Spice of Life!

We were waiting at the bus stop for this hairy, bearded stud Angel De Vil, ( oh I wanna feel that beard between my arse cheeks!) But horny, highly sexed stud – Angel – needed a steady, strong hand and a thick cock to keep him order so he chose stunning, well hung Dany to be his fuck partner – we just stood back and watched the sweat, sparks and cum fly. Absolutely fucking lived it when Angel decided to bottom, he’s such a rough, sexy, hairy guy – watching him spread his hairy, hard ass to Dany’s probing tongue, then hearing Angel beg for that stiff length in his hole, OH YUM YES !These rampant fuck – studs, fuck up a hot frenzy of passionate thrusting and grunting as Dany brings himself to the brink and holds back…… until sexy, handsome Angel sinks to his knees…really if you had the choice of arse or face with that beautiful, bearded guy infant of you – where would you choose?

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