Variety is the Spice of Life!

With Rocco filming from a distance, hairy boxers Antonio Cavalli and Marco Salqueiro finish sparring and they can’t wait to grab each other closer and taste the sweat dripping down their hairy, tight bodies. Huge dicks spring into action as they work their tongues along the bulging meat, ready for an almighty fucking on the gym mats. The top guy lets us in on the best close-up to date, literally feeling every inch slide in and out as it build them both up until their balls can’t take it any longer and explode upon the heaving, hairy bodies!

picture_136 picture_142

picture_143 picture_147 picture_159 picture_161 picture_166 picture_174 picture_182 picture_188 picture_195 picture_201 picture_202 picture_206 picture_209 picture_214 picture_216 picture_219

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