Damon has just finished an amazing shower and as he’s drying off he notices that he missed a spot while shaving his head bald. He calls out for his lover Tritt who is in the next room to come and help him. Tritt is happy to help his boyfriend and after he shaves the missed spot they begin to passionately make out in the bathroom. Long deep hard kisses back and forth between the two and then Tritt moves down Damon’s hairy chest until he finds his hard cock in his mouth. Tritt loves to please his man to the fullest extent. Damon is really horny now so they head to the bedroom and he bends Tritt over so he can rim that smooth tight ass of his. More making out ensues as Damon explores Tritts body from head to toe licking, caressing and kissing all over his smooth body until his tongue reaches his smooth sexy hole. Both of these sexy men are passionate lovers and the connection between the two is really fucking hot. Damon pushes deep inside his lover as they both moan with delight as they please each other. Damon goes slow making sure to please Tritt and to show how much he cares but he also pumps fast at a good pace to also show who the boss in the bed is. They both enjoy kissing each other all over and touching while fucking until Tritt nuts all over Damons hairy manly chest. Damon pulls out and lays on his back while Tritt plays with his balls to make him cum a huge eruptive load all over his own chest. Enjoy!

Variety is the Spice of Life!

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