Yohann knows his boss. He might be big and hairy and burly but he really cares for his staff, and what he was doing is just a Monday morning sickie trick. True, he was in bed; but not through illness but through having his ass serviced by Ben. Again, phone off, back to business.. and Yohann enjoys having his butt eaten. Period. Ben eats Johan’s butt big time.. it’s something that both really enjoy, but Ben has other ideas and after turning Johann to taste his cock he fucks him on his back long and hard before pushing him against the wall for a second hard fucking. Ben fucks Yohann so hard that the bottom stud can’t contain himself anymore and shoots while Ben is still deep in his ass. Ben isn’t happy still and pushes Yohann back down on the bed and uses his hole a little longer to work himself up to a torrential cumshot all over the stud’s butt.

Variety is the Spice of Life!

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