World’s collide when new roommates Ty Royal and Elijah pull out flags from their respective homelands Israel and Palestine. Although war rages in the Middle East, the two young men sit down to discuss their own foreign policy. They discover that they were both attracted to Berkeley to learn about diverse cultures, meet new people and ironically have a lot more in common then they suspected, a lot more. In moments both studs are naked and Ty has Elija ís huge cock in his mouth. They take turns swallowing each other’s big dicks until Ty rolls over and opens his hole. Elijah fucks him hard, then pulls out and cums all over Ty’s big bubble butt and licks him clean. Rock-hard and ready for action, Ty mounts Elijah and fucks his face then shoves his cock in his ass. Elijah hops on top for an impressive reverse cowboy. Elijah fucks the cum out of Ty then shoots his second load for the day.

Variety is the Spice of Life!

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