Berkeley may be home to higher education but when your professor is as hot as Brendan Phillips it’s hard to concentrate. Just ask Dalton Briggs whose classroom fantasy takes him to Brendan’s apartment where his giant cock is expertly serviced by his naughty professor. Dalton fucks Brendan’s face between kisses then goes down on him to suck his rock-hard cock, lick his nuts, and eat his tight ass. Dalton can’t resist Brendan’s hungry hole so he mounts him and shoves his 9’7 cock deep in Brendan’s ass. It’s hard to tell who is the teacher and who is the student as they move from the couch to the floor where Dalton pounds Brendan until he shoots all over his own muscular chest. Dalton pulls out and blows, covering his professor’s gaping hole and balls in cum. His raging hard-on brings him back to reality where he is forced to excuse himself from class to take matters into his own hand.

Variety is the Spice of Life!

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