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As Berns Forrester is laying in bed jerking his big cock Hurley Tucker takes it upon himself to join in on the action. Slowly creeping in the room he pushes his cock deep in Bern’s wet mouth. Moments later Hurley’s hard pulsating cock is begging for Berns tight fuckhole. Hurley spreads Berns black bubble butt and slides his thick, wet, raw, black cock deep in Berns juicy and tight pink fuckhole. Hurley doesn’t waste any time pounding his hot hole full of fat, sweaty dick. The more Hurley pounds that hole bareback, the louder Bern moans for more deep raw probing. Hurley continues to use his beefy thrusting body, sweat and spit as lube for Berns hole. Big Boy Hurley flips Berns Doggie style, Missionary Position and Reverse Cowboy in this hot skin on skin black stud fuckfest.

berns-forrester--hurley-tucker-0001 berns-forrester--hurley-tucker-0018 berns-forrester--hurley-tucker-0027 berns-forrester--hurley-tucker-0030 berns-forrester--hurley-tucker-0035 berns-forrester--hurley-tucker-0054 berns-forrester--hurley-tucker-0076 berns-forrester--hurley-tucker-0085 berns-forrester--hurley-tucker-0098 berns-forrester--hurley-tucker-0119 berns-forrester--hurley-tucker-0122 berns-forrester--hurley-tucker-0141

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