Daddy Ray Stone is a big, brawny, bald hairy Top and that’s just the way Brad Ramsey likes his men. Ray’s hung thick, too! Long, fat, and floppy, Brad loves sucking his man’s incredible meat, slobbering all over the beefy, mouth watering piece as if he hadn’t sucked cock for months. In a 69 position, the role playing couple please each other, with Ray sucking Brad and Brad servicing Ray’s big balls. The bearded and pierced bottom “boy” enjoys getting his face fucked and his jaw stretches wide to accommodate Ray but it’s his hairy, hungry fuckhole Ray prefers to have stretched out and used. And Ray knows how to work a hole, too! Starting off nice and slow, Ray spits onto the opening, rimming the hairy ass before working his fingers inside Brad. The cock whore is then mounted and stuffed, fucked bareback by hung and beefy Ray. The aggressive and masculine top shoots his load all over Brad’s hole then pushes his jizz inside, seeding Brad full of DNA and daddy’s protein.

Variety is the Spice of Life!

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