Our newest release was filmed on location in Buenos Aires and it features two brand new guys that you wonít find anywhere else. We find Joaquin and Valentin hanging out in the back alley taking a smoke break; but, the look in each of their eyes tells us that these two want more than to suck on a cigarette. Valentin slowly walks over to Joaquin and as their lips meet both of them press harder into a very passionate kiss. As these two amazing studs kiss, Valentin reaches his hand into Joaquinís jeans and gets a handful of his already hard and fully erect cock. Valentin undoes Joaquinís jeans allowing his cock to spring free and he immediately drops to his knees and begins servicing Joaquinís extremely hot cock. After Joaquin gets his share of reciprocating with Valentin and sucking his thick cock, Joaquin turns Valentin around and buries his face in that sweet asshole. Eating that ass gets Joaquin standing at attention and after spitting into his hand, he rubs it on his cock before plunging it deep in Valentinís tight ass. Once Valentin is used to Joaquinís cock being deep inside him, Joaquin starts pounding Valentinís ass quite feverishly. Completely ready to bust a nut from the fucking both boys stand up and continue jerking their cocks as they kiss again. With a look in his eye, Valentin realizes that Joaquin is about to come so he drops to his knees and Joaquin squirts his thick load in Valentinís mouth and Valentin licks up the remaining jizz. With one hand jerking his cock Valentin stands up and squirts his load all over Joaquinís cock which is still hard as a rock.

Variety is the Spice of Life!

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