After cruising each other at a local leather bar and sex club, Butch Powell and Scott Fitzpatrick find a secluded corner. There, the bald naked daddies get down to business. Masked man Scott is a a big time cocksucker and drops to his knees while pierced, inked, and bearded daddy Butch talks dirty. It’s a big, fat cock Scott devours and as much as Butch enjoys the service, what he truly wants is hole. Furry, wearing a cockring and sporting a ball stretcher, Butch gives Scott the rimming of a lifetime. Scott is soon bent over, with Butch buried balls deep inside him, pounding away bareback. The two get into some primal fucking. They get sweaty and loud, with Butch pumping away and Scott begging for more. After a bit of ATM (ass-to-mouth), more sucking, and then more raw fucking, Butch seeds Scott and a short while later rewards him with a second load, this time down his throat!

Variety is the Spice of Life!

butch-powell-scott-fitzpatric-0001 butch-powell-scott-fitzpatric-0002 butch-powell-scott-fitzpatric-0003 butch-powell-scott-fitzpatric-0005 butch-powell-scott-fitzpatric-0008 butch-powell-scott-fitzpatric-0010 butch-powell-scott-fitzpatric-0011 butch-powell-scott-fitzpatric-0014 butch-powell-scott-fitzpatric-0019 butch-powell-scott-fitzpatric-0025 butch-powell-scott-fitzpatric-0028 butch-powell-scott-fitzpatric-0032 butch-powell-scott-fitzpatric-0033 butch-powell-scott-fitzpatric-0036 butch-powell-scott-fitzpatric-0054 butch-powell-scott-fitzpatric-0056 butch-powell-scott-fitzpatric-0058 butch-powell-scott-fitzpatric-0064 butch-powell-scott-fitzpatric-0066 butch-powell-scott-fitzpatric-0071

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