Variety is the Spice of Life!

After these guys give their muscles an appropriate appraisal its time to hit the weights. Claudio pumps the iron like a pro, bench pressing mind boggling amounts of weight, giving his hard muscles a good pump. Chris looks on, impressed as he watches his buddy’s muscles in action. Claudio takes the weights to limit and goes to the point of complete failure. That is when Chris steps in, giving only the smallest amount of help, letting his buddy’s spent muscles do as much work as they can to get that one last rep up. Claudio gets it up alright and as he rises from the bench his liftin buddy Chris pulls out his hard cock and offers it to Claudio as a reward for the hard work.

Chris’ body is rock-solid hard, all over, especially his cock. Chris pulls off his shorts and lets his buddy to go town on his hard barbell of a dick. Chris gives his buddy a little extra push on the back of the head to help him get all the way down on that cock, just like a good liftin buddy should. Claudio’s eyes water as he pushes himself to the limit, pushing to get through all his up and down reps. Who says cock sucking isn’t a sport?!?

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