Variety is the Spice of Life!

Scotty is by himself again and when he is alone he tends to be more adventurous and this time he is off to the grocery store to pick up his favorite veggie which is a juicy long thick cucumber. He picks a ripe hard one and heads home for some afternoon play time. He’s always wondered how a cucumber would feel buried deep in his ass while he stroked his thick cock and today is the today he finds out. He takes his time enjoying the veggie by stroking it and deep throating it making it all nice and wet. He rubs the veggie all over his cock while he slides it up and down his chest stroking his dick during the process. He get it nice and wet and slides it into his eager ass as he grabs on to his hard dick stroking the precum out of it as he pushes the cucumber deeper into his tight hole. He begins to fuck himself hard with it while stroking up to his climax and he can feel his muscles tightening around the cucumber as he edges himself closer until he explodes his cum on his chest and slowly eases the cucumber out of his ass.¬†Enjoy!

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