Variety is the Spice of Life!

Jessie Jordan and Rob Ryder are two young and playful guys burning off some excess energy in the back yard, showing off their flexibility and rough housing with each other. As the physical contact heats up the play gets a lot more intimate. Hot and passionate kissing leads to some serious heavy petting. The few clothes they were wearing in the hot summer sun quickly get stripped away. Boy boners are sprung and the suck-fest gets underway. Jessie gets a tasty mouthful of cock, sucking and slurping and giving his buddy some hot eye contact. Rob returns the favor and gets down on his knees to suck Jordan’s BIG meaty pole. Sucking that huge cock and rimming that tasty hole makes Rob’s tight ass twitch for some attention. He mounts up on the near by lawn chair and offers up his beautiful boy butt for some searing hot ass pounding. Jessie obliges with his monster cock as these guys spend the day fucking away some of that excess boy energy and blowing big, sloppy boy loads at COLT STUDIO.

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