Tattooed, Brazilian hottie Daniel Canela is working outdoors when Reinaldo Miranda rides past on his bike. Reinaldo is lost so he stops Daniel for directions but after drinking in the sight of the muscled tattooed Daniel, Reinaldo’s got an ulterior motive. Before long Daniel leads Reinaldo to a secluded spot near a waterfall and the two start making out. After stripping down, Reinaldo treats Daniel to a blowjob before presenting his own fat, curved cock for Daniel to return the favor. Daniel is quite happy to oblige! In fact, he’s so happy to oblige he does more than just suck Reinaldo’s cock. He rims Reinaldo with his pierced tongue before fingering his hole. And then, just when you think Daniel is going to fuck Reinaldo, the curly haired Reinaldo turns the tables on Daniel! Reinaldo pounds away doggy style at Daniel before fucking him on his side for deeper penetration. But the top turns bottom, flipping the tables once more. Bent over near a tree legs spread wide, the Brazilian gets loud and talks dirty to Daniel, commanding him how to fuck. After flip fucking once more, Reinaldo gives Daniel a heavy cum facial before taking a hit himself!

Variety is the Spice of Life!

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