Christmas is coming and so our our lads at Butch Dixon, here’s some extra burly, hairy, big-dick gents for you to snuggle up with on a winter evening. Isaac’s a beefy stud and its hard to guess which one of these hyper masculine guys is gonna be taking uncut cock like a cock-slut, but we knew Issac was hungry for dick in his hole, YUM! Dany Romeo may be smooth chested, but that big, thick, uncut cock and that sexy beard more than make up for it, AND he’s extra filthy especially when he knows he’s gonna be plugging a hottie like Issac, we had to keep telling them to slow down ” its too good a jump to rush”!!. Isaac’s pants are down in minutes and Dany’s got his face in that hairy, moist hole getting it slick and wet for fucking, Issac doesn’t need to suck Dany’s oversized, girthy member to get it hard but he just can’t keep his lips off it, squeezing it at the base and sniffing those hairy balls. Isaac eagerly bends over a desk to ”separa las nalgas”, and the fucking is fucking delicious, these boys are well up for it. But the cherry on the creamy cake is when Issac blows his goo in that beautiful face those stunning blue eyes and that bristling beard. OH YES!

Variety is the Spice of Life!

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