Variety is the Spice of Life!

Tan, hairy and darkly sexy muscle stud Dino can seduce you with his body or the deep intense look of his sexy eyes. His hypnotic effect is genuine even though his disarming smile and quiet nature may fool you slightly at first. And when Dino gets going that darkly sexy look gets more deeply masculine and intense and you’ll know for sure that it’s all too real.

dino_dipalma_manifest_men01 dino_dipalma_manifest_men02 dino_dipalma_manifest_men03 dino_dipalma_manifest_men04 dino_dipalma_manifest_men05 dino_dipalma_manifest_men06 dino_dipalma_manifest_men07 dino_dipalma_manifest_men08 dino_dipalma_manifest_men09 dino_dipalma_manifest_men10 dino_dipalma_manifest_men11 dino_dipalma_manifest_men12

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