Variety is the Spice of Life!

Bound jock Dominic Pacifico is really into his dildos! We tie him to the metal table on all fours and as he worships a huge dildo with his tongue, he slowly inserts another one into his ass and rides it like a pro. Dominic is a horny boy and he loves having his hole filled cause it gives him a boner. So, we strip him naked, flip him over and tie him on his back with his balls cinched to a ten pound dangling weight. As he struggles, he gets more and more hard until he has to bust his big load – hands free!

BJ0109_Dominic_Pacifico_PG_3871_scene BJ0109_Dominic_Pacifico_X_3839_scene BJ0109_Dominic_Pacifico_X_3851_scene BJ0109_Dominic_Pacifico_X_3857_scene BJ0109_Dominic_Pacifico_X_3865_scene BJ0109_Dominic_Pacifico_X_3878_scene BJ0109_Dominic_Pacifico_X_3881_scene BJ0109_Dominic_Pacifico_X_3884_scene BJ0109_Dominic_Pacifico_X_3888_scene

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