Dragos Milovich has a good thing going. With a fleet of young muscle boys available at the snap of his fingers, he boasts access to an entertainment posse unlike any other in Eastern Europe. And this includes, of course, First Lieutenant  Johnny Dirk! And now Dragos has all-new material as well! A three-way JO scene with muscle buddies Johnny Dirk and Adrian Cole!

Variety is the Spice of Life!

dragosmilovich01 dragosmilovich02 dragosmilovich03 dragosmilovich04 dragosmilovich05 dragosmilovich06 dragosmilovich07 dragosmilovich08 dragosmilovich09 dragosmilovich10 dragosmilovich11 dragosmilovich13 dragosmilovich14 dragosmilovich15 dragosmilovich16 dragosmilovich17 dragosmilovich18 dragosmilovich19 dragosmilovich20



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