Variety is the Spice of Life!

A long morning stroll on his ranch in the rugged California desert, Ed Dinakos finds an outpost to strip off his overalls and enjoy some hot naked stroke action. Behind an empty barn Ed gets deep in a session of self worship, flexing, licking and stroking his own muscles and his throbbing hard cock. The hot sun kisses his muscles as he strokes up a batch of white gold.

CMM008_Sc2_1 CMM008_Sc2_2 CMM008_Sc2_3 CMM008_Sc2_4 CMM008_Sc2_5 CMM008_Sc2_6 CVP002_ColtVault2_scn02_002 CVP002_ColtVault2_scn02_004 CVP002_ColtVault2_scn02_005 CVP002_ColtVault2_scn02_006

CVP002_ColtVault2_scn02_003 CVP002_ColtVault2_scn02_007 CVP002_ColtVault2_scn02_008 CVP002_ColtVault2_scn02_009 CVP002_ColtVault2_scn02_010 CVP002_ColtVault2_scn02_011 CVP002_ColtVault2_scn02_012 CVP002_ColtVault2_scn02_013 CVP002_ColtVault2_scn02_014 CVP002_ColtVault2_scn02_015 CVP002_ColtVault2_scn02_016 CVP002_ColtVault2_scn02_017 CVP002_ColtVault2_scn02_018 CVP002_ColtVault2_scn02_019


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