With an ass still hungry for dick, Elio Guzman heads out for a supposed tour of local historic areas, swiftly distracted by the rough and ready security guard who is instantly the subject of Elio’s camera, closing up on his masculine body and crotch.  Too busy checking his focus, Elio doesn’t see that the game is up and security man Antonio Garcia grabs him, the camera and drags them both to his cabin. There, Elio has to pay up or risk losing his equipment!  Not much of a choice is it, especially when the payment is his ass and the equipment Antonio is packing is rough and very, very hard!  There’s not many men out there who fuck as hard as this Italian fucker, and not many who can take it as well as Spanish stud Elio!  The Mediterranean passion runs high in the depths of the English countryside and Elio’s butt will never be the same again as it’s stretched wide for Antonio’s tongue, fingers and dick, fucked deep inside over and over, lifted, twisted and rammed every way possible!

Variety is the Spice of Life!

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