Variety is the Spice of Life!

Get ready for some hot sex, in and out of the pool. Erron floats peacefully on a pool lounger unaware as Ledermeister and Tom Lee zero in on him. Erron soon finds himself in the middle of a wet and wild 3-way as Ledermeister and Tom take turns lapping on his thick cock. Enjoy the water acrobatics as these men suck, lick and slip every inch of each other’s hard and hairy bodies.

CSP3_16B_ERRON F23_2_ERRON LM_07 LM_23 LT66_Sc3_1 LT66_Sc3_2 LT66_Sc3_3 LT66_Sc3_4 LT66_Sc3_5 LT66_Sc3_6 TL_02 TL_10


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