Variety is the Spice of Life!

Catching up with two friends by the canal, Jack knows some serious hotties, and muscled men Sergio, dark hair and beard, with shaven headed stud Fernand make a damn hot pair of fuckers we can’t wait to see getting down and dirty in their apartment! With some proper intense armpit licking, lapping up the sweat of the day from each other before moving to Fernand’s smooth butt which takes a lick then instantly 3 fingers from Sergio, we can already tell who the bottom is going to be! The tattooed hunk with inked script all over his heaving body is a real top fucker with an appetite to match his throbbing dick! Teased with heavy fingering, Fernand’s gaping ass is almost begging for more, and gets Sergio’s dick finally pushed deep inside him doggy style, letting us take in his own inked body whilst also getting the pleasure of Sergio’s dick working in and out of him until he shoots his load and Sergio flossing his fuck buddy’s face and chest with sprays of spunk!

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