Variety is the Spice of Life!

Fernando de la Rosa continues to pose outdoors but then heads inside for a more intimate setting. His poser can barely contain his erect cock. Soon he is completely naked and hard. He continues to flex in the nude for our pleasure. He then lies on the bed to stroke his cock while give us a few poses. He makes a mess and shoot a nice thick load on himself then takes a quick shower to clean up.

0001-fernando_beach2-012-620x928 0001-FernandoBeach-008 0002-fernando_beach2-037-620x926 0002-FernandoBeach-017 0003-fernando_beach2-053-620x926 0003-FernandoBeach-018 0004-fernando_beach2-058-620x410 0004-FernandoBeach-019 0005-fernando_beach2-083-620x410 0005-FernandoBeach-032 0006-fernando_beach2-087-620x410 0007-fernando_beach2-091-620x928

0006-FernandoBeach-083 0007-FernandoBeach-086

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