Looking into the mirror Filip Vacek was checking himself out, making sure he had everything in order for his video shoot. As Filip slowly feels his own slim, tight body he slips his shirt over his head and slowly explores every chest and stomach muscle he has. Pulling down his pants reveals the manhood we all want to see and as he takes matters in hand, the situation begins to plump. Filip let his jeans fall to the floor and moves over to sit on the sofa when low and behold the Badpuppy masseur stops by. When he sees Filip sitting on the sofa stroking his cock, he walks up behind Filip, grabs his bottle of lotion and squirts an ample amount all over Filipís chest. The masseur walks around to where Filip is working his cock, takes it into his hands and applies a little of massage oil. Filipís cock immediately gets hard as a rock and the masseur continues to stroke. Filip pulls his legs back and lets our masseur apply some more lotion to his ass; but, realizing they donít want to make a mess, Filip gets up on his knees and points his sweet ass directly at the camera. The masseur works Filipís ass muscles and hole for a few minutes, periodically reaching down and stroking Filipís cock. Soon, Filip is ready to pop from all the attention. He rolls over on the sofa, takes his cock in hand and while the masseur rubs his chest, Filip works to rub one out. As he continues to stroke his cock Filip shoots a thick creamy load all over his hand and cock before heading off to clean up in the shower.

Variety is the Spice of Life!

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