Variety is the Spice of Life!

Armando De Armas is cleaning his tools and closing up shop when power bottom, Chris Harder walks in. The work on Chris’ bike isn’t done, so he wants Armando to work on something else. Eagerly descending down on his knees, Chris offers his throat for a messy, wet blowjob while Armando fingers his tight pink ass and pierced taint. Rimming is taken to another level when Armando pushes Chris’ legs up past his head to give him a heated rim job with plenty of spit for lube. Unable to resist the teasing from Armando’s tongue and fingers, Chris lays back, props a leg up on Armando’s shoulder, and takes every last inch of Armando’s thick, uncut cock as he pounds him. Loving the pounding he’s taking, Chris rides Armando’s dick and has his built up  load literally fucked out of his throbbing rod. After he shoots, he falls to his knees again and begs Armando ‘give it to me’ letting him shoot a hefty, spunky load into his mouth.

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