Variety is the Spice of Life!

While exploring a tropical hide-away Gaucho comes across a hammock full of muscle, by way of Pepe Mendoza and Macho Nacho. Gaucho may look like a tough cookie, but he’s not. He’s so friendly and nice. Walking right up to the muscle men and saying hi, Gaucho takes no time showing off his own big muscles. Flexing and posing with the best of him. Gaucho get’s worked up and heads back to his cabin for an aggressive solo session in an effort to satisfy his appetites.

gaucho_escobar_01 gaucho_escobar_02 gaucho_escobar_03

gaucho_escobar_04 gaucho_escobar_05 gaucho_escobar_06 gaucho_escobar_07 gaucho_escobar_08 gaucho_escobar_09 gaucho_escobar_10 gaucho_escobar_11 gaucho_escobar_12 gaucho_escobar_13 gaucho_escobar_14 gaucho_escobar_15 gaucho_escobar_16

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