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Sicilian LMS superstar Gianluigi Volti loves to travel. In fact, since we first premiered this Internet muscle sensation in 2012, the handsome, super-ripped, super-hung, super-sexy bodybuilder has been on an extended world tour, training in specially selected gyms and flexing his prodigious muscles for special friends in private surroundings. Now Gianluigi finds himself in Rio, and for the first installment of this 2-part series, he’s in a private penthouse overlooking Copacabana Beach. Hard to say which is the greater panorama: the ocean, or Gianluigi’s magnificent musculature?

gianluigi_volti01 gianluigi_volti02 gianluigi_volti03 gianluigi_volti04 gianluigi_volti05 gianluigi_volti06 gianluigi_volti07 gianluigi_volti08 gianluigi_volti09 gianluigi_volti10 gianluigi_volti11 gianluigi_volti12 gianluigi_volti13 gianluigi_volti14 gianluigi_volti15

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