Variety is the Spice of Life!

We know how you luuuv sweaty hot wrestling – and particularly when one muscleman has the slight edge over his opponent. Gilberto Nestore joins the fold with gym buddy Andy Travers. Multiple scenes show Gilberto self-admiring into a hot mirror JERK OFF, his workout with Andy, and Andy’s self-worship, leading to their wrestling scenes – and wrapping up with a hot dip in a penthouse jacuzzi and more CUM SPILLING!

gilberto_andy01 gilberto_andy02 gilberto_andy03 gilberto_andy04 gilberto_andy05 gilberto_andy06 gilberto_andy07 gilberto_andy08 gilberto_andy09 gilberto_andy10 gilberto_andy11 gilberto_andy12 gilberto_andy13 gilberto_andy14 gilberto_andy15

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