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Starting out at a new gym can be intimidating. So it’s always nice when a regular takes a bit of time out from his own routine to help out a newcomer. Today, Bravo Delta is aiming to be the nice guy, although one can wonder about the true motivation behind his benevolent gesture. Brett Dylan is a cutie who’s new to the gym. And our bearded jock is determined to make a move on the kid. Why wouldn’t he? The gym is empty, save his presence and that of the newbie. As Brett is trying hard to bench press, Bravo heads towards him and offers a helping hand. Brett accepts gladly. Now that he’s spotting the kid he can see a sizable bulge rising from his shorts. He asks the kid if he’s wearing any underwear and Brett admits that he’s not and asks why. Bravo points to his hefty bulge and acknowledges that it’s having an effect on his own dick. Brett can see the effect he’s having and after pointing out the fact the gym’s empty he offers to take care of Bravo’s growing basket of goods. Bravo unzips and out bursts a massive 8.5 incher. Brett extends his head up and starts to go down on Bravo’s monster meat. Brett is showing a lot of talent sucking while he’s lying upside down. But then again, he does what he’s told. Bravo then pulls the kid up so his head can fully tilt backwards. Bravo then face fucks the boy earnestly. Brett is giving quite the blow job. Our bearded hunk even mentions that he appears better at sucking than pumping weights. The kid admits being more experienced at sucking than training. Bravo keeps shoving his cock and balls into the kid’s mouth, and from time to time, gives him a good cock lashing across the face. When the kid’s instructed to show his cock, he gets up to stand above the bench. That’s when Bravo kneels down to suck the kid’s nice 7.5” cut dick. After giving the boy a good long blow job, Bravo offers to work on his glutes. But in fact, it’s the crack between the glutes that’s drawing his attention. Brett’s leaning forward on an inclined bench, giving full access to his bubble butt. Bravo rims him, spitting in his hole to lube it up, getting it ready for the hot fuck he’s got planned for the kid. Brett is revved up and ready for the pounding he’s gonna get. Bravo just plunges in with his hard cock, holding nothing back and quickly stretching the boy’s tight hole. Brett is begging for it, moaning with every thrust. Bravo pounds him stridently for a while and then stops, kisses him from behind and then shoves the puppy boy to the floor mat where he resumes his ass pounding fuck. Bravo raps things up by instructing the kid back onto the bench, this time on his back. With his ass wide open and getting plowed forcefully, Brett strokes himself into a frenzy. The electricity between these two is so intense that the gym equipment rattles right along. That’s when Brett’s balls tighten and he shoots his load all over his abs and chest. Bravo then pulls out and fires off a huge load of his own mixing it in with his boy’s jizz. As Brett suggests he should make it to the gym more often, Bravo offers to become his personal trainer. We gotta find that gym asap!

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