Variety is the Spice of Life!

On the surface this handsome and beautifully sculpted muscular young man looks like one serious, no-nonsense bodybuilder. Which he is. But there’s also a look in his eyes and his slightly playful smile that tells you that there’s more to Haydn than you think. Watch him in action and learn that he may start off serious & quiet but like a lion he gets loud & intense when aroused.

hadyn_taggert_manifest_men01 hadyn_taggert_manifest_men02 hadyn_taggert_manifest_men03 hadyn_taggert_manifest_men04 hadyn_taggert_manifest_men05 hadyn_taggert_manifest_men06 hadyn_taggert_manifest_men07 hadyn_taggert_manifest_men08 hadyn_taggert_manifest_men09 hadyn_taggert_manifest_men10 hadyn_taggert_manifest_men11 hadyn_taggert_manifest_men12

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