Variety is the Spice of Life!

Voyeur Theo Ford is back and flicking through the apartments he’s kitted out with secret cameras until he finds exactly what he’s looking for!  Two suited fuckers, dark hair, lean and with great chest hair, not to mention a sexual appetite like no other!  Even in their kitchen Issac and Bruno find a reason to get naked and fuck like rabbits!  Gifted Issac’s long hard dick, Bruno turns around and sucks deep on his dick, Issac’s shirt fully unbuttoned showing us his gorgeous six-pack and tattooed chest all the way down to his prize meat and full to bursting balls.  These dark haired studs fuck hard on the dining room table, almost aware they are being watched as they show off their hot bodies, tight muscles and tattoos, hungry butts and more than willing tongues lapping every inch of their tanned skin, it almost gets too much for spy guy Theo whose dick is now out and hard, getting gently played with as he takes in this amazingly horny sight happening right now.  Almost shooting as Issac and Bruno hit each other with jets of jizz, Theo’s after something else a bit more special and holds back, just.

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