Variety is the Spice of Life!

For many of us, walking into a leather shop immediately sets our hearts racing. Add to that all the lube, toys, and fetish equipment and you’re ready to spring a boner. But what happens when you get all that, plus half a dozen big horny chubs? Pure pig heaven! Join Jack Power, Sid Morgan, Chef Bear, Andy Williams, Joe Cooper, and Sean Dixxon in part one of an orgy that’s nothing short of filthy and sweaty. Filmed in a personal dungeon, in Atlanta, these bearded, hairy, tattooed and pierced, cock hungry bears fill the semi-darkened room with so much sighing, moaning, grunting and groaning you’re blood will be near boiling! And make sure you join us for part two. We’ve got plenty more action for you to get hard, stroke and pop out another load!

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