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Walking down the street, local guy Jay Black finds his horny neighbour standing in his doorway, in his gym kit playing with his cock! His cock looks so impressive that he thinks, why not? Going in and joining him on the sofa, Jay and JR Bronson get down to some kissing, groping and undressing. The pair work on each other’s gym fit bodies, working both of their cocks up into a frenzy before exposing their solid and pulsing dicks! Working on his friends cock, white guy is on all fours, ass in the air and showing off his pink hole! Jay reached over and works on his hole with his hands, getting it ready for his huge cock! Jay pounds JR’s hole, swapping positions to give us the best close ups of the balls deep fucking! Ready to shoot his load, Jay pulls out, and while getting face fucked by JR, shoots his creamy thick white load all over his chest and abs. The sight of all the spunk is too much for JR who follows with a hot load of his own, stood over and shooting over Jay’s chest!

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