Its not wrong to have favourites?! cos I gotta say these two stunning guys are right up there amongst my hottest ever couplings! Jose and Felipe are stunning, handsome, hung and totally masculine. Jose is a hairy, ripped stud with all the extras I LUV, a big dick, beard, foreskin, and great hairy body, whilst Felipe is bald, hung, ripped, mean looking, uncut and hung, so the only problem would be WHO do I wanna watch getting fucked!! No worries – these two rampant studs are versatile so I can watch them both as nasty tops and cock-hungry bottoms, AND the creamy on this cake (and in it) Its all nasty, slippy, spunky, hot-skin-on-skin bareback. OH YES PLEASE!. And when they’ve finished slam fucking each others hairy, musky, raw holes its time to blow a load all over Jose’s hairy abs, OH If I has a soul I’d swap it to be the filling in this hairy, meaty, raw sandwich! ( I’d luv to lick the cum out of hairy belly too…)

Variety is the Spice of Life!

IMG_0018 IMG_0039 IMG_0062 IMG_0084 IMG_0100 IMG_0151 IMG_0175 IMG_0185 IMG_0191 IMG_0237 IMG_0258 IMG_0344 IMG_0368 IMG_0422 IMG_0444 IMG_0493 IMG_0546 IMG_0605 IMG_0619 IMG_0627 IMG_0646 IMG_0711 IMG_0743 IMG_0756 IMG_0805 IMG_0835 IMG_0856



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