Enjoy the on one of our all time favorites featuring nasty pigs Rod Drainer and JW Bare. Rod leads JW to the deck where he begins to deep throat his tasty cock, sucking his hard prick balls deep within his hungry mouth. Flipping each other on the floor isn’t a problem where both explore each other’s hole with wet lips and dripping tongues. Tight raw ends have a musky taste and both men’s goatees are soon flavored with the scent of horny man ass. Like a respectable champ, Rod gets JW to the sling where he begins to slide his fat raw cock in him bareback. Rod’s balls bounce on JW’s ass he takes advantage if every inch there is to offer. Rod uses the sling poles to pound in his furry hole even deeper and decides to flip JW over to see how he feels doggie style.

Variety is the Spice of Life!

jw-bare--rod-drainer-0005 jw-bare--rod-drainer-0030 jw-bare--rod-drainer-0050 jw-bare--rod-drainer-0096 jw-bare--rod-drainer-0101 jw-bare--rod-drainer-0152 jw-bare--rod-drainer-0181 jw-bare--rod-drainer-0195 jw-bare--rod-drainer-0211 jw-bare--rod-drainer-0217 jw-bare--rod-drainer-0218 jw-bare--rod-drainer-0229

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