Cold, damp and walking down a misty country lane, American stud Saxon West is desperate for a lift. Lucky for him Kayden Gray is en route home and more than happy to help!  Parking up in a lay-by for some compensation, Saxon is more than happy to oblige the best way he knows how, and when he spies Kayden’s huge member stirring in his jeans, Saxon really can’t wait!  Wrapping his lips around the throbbing shaft, Kayden is visibly in heaven as he gets what he’s been waiting for.  Just as he is about to finish, a local car beeps and they have to skedaddle!  Finding their way into a bedroom, Kayden is more than happy to get more than a quick blowjob, and by the way Saxon devours Kayden’s cock from both ends, so is he!  Lowering his smooth white ass on to Kayden, his dick has never looked bigger and Saxon’s butt never hungrier!

Variety is the Spice of Life!

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