Cruising on the cliff-top, local stud Kayden Gray is seeking some anonymous fun at the abandoned fortress overlooking the English Channel.  Caught out on an empty evening there’s no one there to ride his massive dick so he heads home alone.  Stoking the fire and sitting next to it in his sexy outdoor gear, Kayden slowly strips as the heat permeates the room.  Unbuttoning his blue check shirt to show is lean muscular frame, his jeans are the last to come off, making the tease last as long as possible before his famed giant dick is in full view in front of the roaring fire!  Playing with himself, stroking every one of his 9 inches, Kayden spits on his giant slab of meat to make it glisten. Slapping his rock hard six-pack, we’re given long close-ups views of this monster cock jerk-off where the big finale has a very unexpected surprise, with Kayden ending up giving himself one hell of a horny facial!

Variety is the Spice of Life!

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