Adorable lad Calvin Cuffs lays in bed playing with himself when he calls Ken Cartwright. Calvin takes Ken’s towel off revealing his daddy’s huge cock. They kiss and feel each other up, then stand in front of the bed as Calvin goes down on Ken’s dick. Ken moans as Calvin deep throats his pole. Ken gets down and gives Calvin a little oral loving’ in return. He takes every inch of Calvin’s rock hard cock down his throat. Calvin rides his daddy and bounces hard on his thick rod. He rides facing forward and moans, his cock slapping his belly, as Ken hammers deeper into him. They switch it up. Calvin lays on his side while Ken slips his dick into his ass. Calvin yells for him to fuck him harder and Ken rams him hard. Ken takes a break and sucks Calvin’s cock. As he lays on his back Calvin’s hole gets jackhammered by Ken. Calvin gets close so Ken strokes Calvin’s dick. He pounds Calvin’s hole and milks his long rod until it spits a load all over Calvin’s abs. Ken Cartwright then jerks his cock furiously until he shots his load on his own belly.

Variety is the Spice of Life!

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