The moon-faced, tattooed, x-tra hot big-pec guy Keo Banks returns to the PM fold with an all-new scene. Since we last checked in, Keo has taken to the streets to advertise his beefiness, and wishing to… him from a fate-worse-than — in effect. Saving Mr. Banks — why not play with him ourselves instead? After all, it’s really all he wants to do anyway!

Variety is the Spice of Life!

keoBanks01 keoBanks02 keoBanks03 keoBanks04 keoBanks05 keoBanks06 keoBanks07 keoBanks08 keoBanks09 keoBanks10 keoBanks11 keoBanks12 keoBanks13 keoBanks14 keoBanks15 keoBanks16 keoBanks17 keoBanks18 keoBanks19 keoBanks20


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